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Terminate nepomukstrigiservice but keep running Nepomuk on OSX

I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m the only guy on earth that is interested in this setup, but who knows? I’m running KDE 4.65 Max OSX 10.5.8 via MacPorts. It could seem like an odd choice running KDE on … Continue reading

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OSX and Windows XP: The Quest For Synergy

howto securely connect a MacBook Pro and an XP laptop using Synergy & Stunnel Continue reading

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Tarball as a remote git repo

how to sync two git repositories without network. also shows GIT scripting trickery techniques such as getting the directory path from a repository name. Continue reading

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In my world RSS is not dead.

I’ve just noticed that Bloglines is going defunct. This will force me to renew my quest for a good RSS reading platform. I sure hope that RSS is not dieing like the Bloglines obituary seems to suggest. Following are my … Continue reading

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Sync Early, Sync Often: Unison, Plink and SSH

Continue reading

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dtach and dvtm, Modern Tools Ancient Interface

Been pretty interesting in the past few weeks from a technology stand point, Have been working on writing a custom Linux device driver, while this in it by itself should be interesting what was even more interesting is getting to … Continue reading

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