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Compiling zbar on OSX

If you’re trying to compile zbar the open source bar code reader on OS X with jpeg support and want to use the MacPorts jpeg lib, and getting this error you can use the following command line to get it … Continue reading

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Terminate nepomukstrigiservice but keep running Nepomuk on OSX

I have a sneaking suspicion that I’m the only guy on earth that is interested in this setup, but who knows? I’m running KDE 4.65 Max OSX 10.5.8 via MacPorts. It could seem like an odd choice running KDE on … Continue reading

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Compiling SVN Tesseract on OSX

Should ever the need to compile Tesseract from SVN¬†arise (version v3.01 at the time of the writing) Please note: In order to fetch the source issue: you have to install Leptonica beforehand (or via macports like me) if you want … Continue reading

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The Buffer Kool Aid

I’ve already drank the emacs kool aid, but today something has finally dropped: I now understand what Steve Yegge means in his famous “effective emacs” essay: There is nothing else quite like the Emacs buffer experience in all of application-dom. … Continue reading

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OSX and Windows XP: The Quest For Synergy

howto securely connect a MacBook Pro and an XP laptop using Synergy & Stunnel Continue reading

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