In my world RSS is not dead.

I’ve just noticed that Bloglines is going defunct. This will force me to renew my quest for a good RSS reading platform. I sure hope that RSS is not dieing like the Bloglines obituary seems to suggest. Following are my requirements for a RSS reader

  1. not owned and/or operated by Google
  2. Cloud based.
  3. OpenId login support
  4. Runs under Linux, OSX  and Windows.
  5. Mobile friendly render nicely on both iPod Touch and BlackBerry.

The obvious choice disregarding requirement #1 would have been Google reader but I try to get rid of my current Google dependency let alone deepen it.feedly could have been great if it was not built entirely around google reader.If none of the web apps will fit my needs I’ll consider coding my own Online RSS Reader.

Any suggestions?

p.s. my next quest (and an ongoing research target currently) is to replace itunes as a PodCatcher (podcasts client if you will) but I really have not found a better PodCatcher yet.

Edit (October 2010):  I am now using found via this question at the excellent webapps stackoverflow spin-off, it is not owned by google, it is a webapp and supports OpenID login, as for mobile friendliness we shall see.

Gonzo Media

p.s.s If are right and it’s going to be the “Social Media” that will replace RSS then I suggest we rename “Social Media” to “Gonzo Media“.

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